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Professional GPS Tracker Detector Expose 2g/3G/4G GPS GPS Location Tracker
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Capacity: 50000
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Product Name: Professional GPS Tracker Detector Expose 2g/3G/4G GPS GPS Location Tracker Model NO.: VS-066UGT Detecting Object: 2g / 3G / 4G GPS Tracker, Bug (Hidden Microphone) Detecting Distance: about 3-5 Metres Warning Mode: 1. LED Indication Warning Mode2.: Beep Sound Warning Mode3.: Vibration Warning Mode4.: High Signal Warning Mode5.: Earphone Silent Detection LED: 8LED Weight: about 160g Dimension: L 11.6 X W 7 X T 3.3 Cm (Not Include Antenna) Trademark: vodasafe Transport Package: Ployfoam and Carton Specification: L11.6*W7*T3.3cm Origin: Taiwan HS Code: 9031809090 Product Description Professional GPS Tracker Detector Expose 2g/3G/4G GPS GPS Location TrackerVS-066UGTProfessional GPS Tracker DetectorExpose 2G/3G/4G GPS TrackersHandy and more efficient,the best tool to find covert GPS trackerPlease Contact with us at:Mr.JerryPhone:+86-13603042894This device isspecial made of detecting GPS tracker, no matter what kind of transmission technologies and cell networks (mobile phone system): GPRS (mobile data transmission) or SM (Short message), 2G or 3G or 4G.Some GPS tracker venders claim: "With the latest 66-channel chipset, coupled with alarge area patch antenna, you can increase the communication speed by 10 times, so that the detector can not capture," or "Applied with segmented compression fast transmission technology, effectively prevent the detector to capture ",no matter how, this device can expose them, nothing to hide.With clear indication to show you if the car is installed with GPS tracker.★Expose all kinds of 2G/3G /4G GPS trackerThis device is special made of detecting GPS tracker, no matter what kind of transmission technologies: SM, or GPRS, through various cell networks of 2G/3G/4G /CDMA, it can surely identify the signal of GPS tracker and protect your privacy.★Power -on self testEvery time this device is switch on, this device will do power-on self -test. The 8signal strength indication LEDs will be put out one-by-one, from 8,7,6,…to 0.The 7- segement Led shows 8,7,6…to 0synchronously.★Auto Environment Check.After power-on self -test, this device will run auto environment check. This device will beep 5times to notify the user if switch on this device in the place with strong noise.This advanced technology help user get good detecting result in most of places, no matter expert or novice. User never leads to poor or failed detection result.★Reliable default benchmarkThe default benchmark is one of our core technology, can fit for different environments all over the world. Every time when turn on this device and after self-test, it will set at default benchmark of Level 3automatically and the 7segment LED will display 3.★8-LED Signal Strength Indication★Smart Indication of All Status★Adjustment of detection sensitivity(Distance)This device applies new digital sensitivity adjustment technology, Most GPS trackers have motion sensor to sense unusual movement. Keep car moving more the 10MPH or 20 feet at atime, then sweep again before GPS has time to go back to sleep from non-motion.Keep doing this will keep the GPS tracker activated to send signal which will let this device find and locate the unauthorized GPS tracker.★Set Detection Mode---According to the cell network used in most popular GPS tracker in market.This device has two detection modes :2G/4G and 3G 2100.General GPS tracker applies with GSM (2G) technology,newer model has 2G+3G technologies.The advanced model has 2G+3G+ 4Gtechnologies.★Additional Bonus Feature:Discover 3G /4G BUG& Transmitting Spy CameraThis device has additional features of exposing and searching 3G/4G new bug (transmitting hidden microphone) and transmitting spy camera.★Detect Standby/ Idle phoneThis device can detect the standby/idle phone when it does registration with the cell site. The interval time and number of times of registration is different among different networks and cell phones.★Adjust detecting distance for GPS Tracker.If you could not get signal from GPS tracker,please increase the sensitivity to level 6by press the (+)button in left side and scan again.Specifications:Detecting object2G /3G /4G GPS tracker, bug (hidden microphone), spy cameraDimensionL 11.6 xW 7x T3.3 cm (not include antenna)Weightabout 160g (not include battery)Power1. AAA /UM-4 rechargeable battery x42. AAA /UM-4 dry battery x4 3. 5V DC switching power adaptor4. 5V DC power bankWarning mode1.LED indication2. Beep sound3. Vibration4.High signal5. Earphone silent detectionDetecting Distanceabout 3~ 5meters *The detecting distance will be varied depending on the environment and the brand, the cell network of GPS tracker.